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Farm Nutrients is dedicated to helping growers build healthy soils and higher yields by providing premium, innovative, agronomic products and services.
Bill Robinson Testimonial
"I have been very happy with Farm Nutrients' chicken litter program. It's been readily available, as needed and delivered in a timely fashion. Very Good!

Bill Robinson - Mason City, IA

"My farm needed organic matter. So I decided to try chicken manure to raise the OM. I had the soil tested before I started and within three years the OM level was raised by three fold. I have been very satisfied with the results."

Thomas Hardie - Pierson, IA

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Who We Are

Farm Nutrients was founded in 2003 to provide nutrient management for the newly formed Rembrandt Enterprises. We began supplying the poultry litter by-product from the Rembrandt egg production facility to local corn and soybean growers in the Rembrandt, Iowa area. In 2004, Farm Nutrients acquired specialized spreading equipment and hired trained operators to provide growers with exceptional litter application.

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Products & Services

Farm Nutrients is dedicated to giving our customers the best products and service.

Chicken Litter Fertilizer

There are many benefits to using poultry in your fertilizer program including:

  • Complete source of micronutrients
  • Nitrogen is mostly in organic form, providing late season N availability
  • Phosphorus and potassium are readily available
  • Excellent source of sulfur, calcium and magnesium
  • Builds organic matter, which increases nutrient holding capacity, improves water infiltration, and reduces erosion[1]
  • Feeds beneficial soil microorganisms which improve soil health
  • Ideal for all tillage practices

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