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Mid-Season Plot Update

July 20, 2020 | By: Shelby Engh

With farming, you get one chance every year to pick the right seed, fertilizer, and crop protection program. It’s essential you have confidence in the inputs you are choosing for your acres. That’s why we’ve planted plots throughout Iowa showcasing our seed brand offerings. This year Farm Nutrients planted eight corn plots and two soybean plots.

One of the plots I’ve had the opportunity to plant and oversee is the plot I planted on my family’s farm near Goldfield, IA. I’d like to highlight a couple of the hybrids I’ve seen some great performance out of so far:

  • Integra 5770 SSRIB is a newcomer in the past few years and is making its name known in every plot in this area. The SmartStax trait is great for any corn on corn field it reaches and it’s that corn you plant right beside your landlord’s home front because of its attractive qualities.
  • Integra 5280 VT2RIB is looking great all around due to the consistent ears it grows. If you want a consistent yielding corn plant, this hybrid can handle any stress you throw at it.
  • Integra 5529 – This hybrid comes in a SmartStax and VTDoublePro. If you have a lower CSR farm, throw some chicken litter on there and plant this hybrid. It yields on any type of ground and has very nice late-season intactness.

Get in touch with your local Farm Nutrients representative to take a walk through one of our plots. It’s a no-risk opportunity for you to check out other hybrids / varieties and see how they are stacking up against some of the competitors in the area.




Crop Planning for 2021

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New Seed Offerings: Rob See Co

Farm Nutrients is excited to announce that we’ve expanded our seed offerings to include Rob See Co. products in addition to their current offerings of Integra Fortified Seed & Blue River Organic Seed.

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Farm Nutrients Spreading Equipment

One of the most asked questions that we get about chicken litter fertilizer at Farm Nutrients is how will my litter be spread? What spreader does the best job? We at Farm Nutrients pride ourselves in having top of the line spreading equipment to service your application needs.

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