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Crop Planning for 2021

October 5, 2020 | By: Nate Christie

The 2020 growing season has been faced with many challenges.  Several areas have been affected by minimal rainfall and devastating winds. With all the obstacles we’ve faced, I know it can be hard to start thinking about 2021 but it’s very important to begin putting a crop plan together for the upcoming growing season. We may not be able to control Mother Nature, but one thing you can control is your inputs you select to set your farm up for success. I’m going to walk you through some steps to help you start developing your crop plan and how Farm Nutrients can assist you in making sure you have the inputs you need to reach your maximum profit potential next growing season.

Reaching your yield goals requires making sure your soil has the nutrients it needs to produce a top yielding crop. Soil testing allows you to use yield maps to determine which nutrients were removed from the field this previous growing season. Knowing your soil’s nutrient levels will give you the insight you need when making your input decisions, ultimately saving you time and money.

For your reference, here are your crop removal rates:

  • 180-bushel corn: 134 pounds N; 62 pounds P205; 36 pounds K20
  • 60-bushel soybeans: 213 pounds N; 47 pounds P205; 68 pounds K20

Farm Nutrients can quickly acquire soil samples on all your farms and sit down with you to discuss the best options for your farms regarding fertility and soil health.

The next thing you need to think about is what crops do you plan on planting next year. Matching the right hybrid or variety to your field is crucial and it starts with knowing what crops you’re planting on what fields and knowing what challenges you may be faced with by placing that crop there. By knowing these things, you’ll be able to place hybrids and varieties that can succeed in each of your fields. When you can’t afford to get it wrong, we’re here to ensure your success. As you start putting your plan together, reach out to your Farm Nutrients representative if you have any questions regarding your seed placement needs. We’re proud to offer a full lineup of the best traited, conventional, and organic corn, silage, soybean, alfalfa, forage, and cover crop seed from some of the top performing seed companies in the upper Midwest.

  • Integra Fortified Seed® is a locally focused, quality driven seed company offering a high performing lineup of traited corn, silage, soybeans, alfalfa, sorghum, and cover cops.
  • Rob See Co™ is an independent seed company with regional expertise. They focus on delivering technology, building relationships, and creating simplicity by offering a full lineup of traited corn, soybeans, alfalfa, and sorghum.
  • Blue River Organics Seed offers a full lineup of organic corn, silage, soybeans, alfalfa, and forages. They are focused on providing organic farmers an opportunity to stay true to their organic farming practices and principles without having to sacrifice performance.

Now that you know what crops you’re planting and what nutrients your soil currently has available, you can do some quick math to figure out what nutrients you need to put back into the ground in order for you to reach your yield goals.

Poultry manure is an excellent option to not only get your soil the nutrients it needs, but also help build organic matter and soil health. In addition to the N-P-K macronutrients, many micronutrients that are such as magnesium, manganese, boron, zinc, and sulfur are also present in poultry manure.

In addition to poultry manure as a nitrogen source, Farm Nutrients also offers 32% Liquid Nitrogen and TioSul liquid sulfur fertilizers in custom blends. When it comes time to build your soil fertility and soil health quickly, talk to our sales team about what chicken litter can do as a fertilizer and soil amendment for your fields.

Lastly, let’s talk about your crop protection program. You just made a big investment fertilizing your fields and purchasing the right seed. Don’t let obstacles such as weeds, disease and insects hold you back from reaching your full yield potential. There are a lot of new chemistries in the marketplace. At Farm Nutrients, we are here to help take the hassle out of your decision making by assisting you in selecting the best products to protect your investment. Reach out to your local Farm Nutrients representative today to start putting your customized program together and learn about our prepay options.


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