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Chicken Litter

Poultry Litter – A Soil Amendment and Source of Crop Nutrients

Farm Nutrients’ roots are grounded in providing our customers with quality poultry litter as a rich soil amendment and an exceptional source of crop nutrients.

There are many benefits to using poultry in your fertilizer program including:

  • Complete source of micronutrients
  • Nitrogen is mostly in organic form, providing late season N availability
  • Phosphorus and potassium are readily available
  • Excellent source of sulfur, calcium and magnesium
  • Builds organic matter, which increases nutrient holding capacity, improves water infiltration, and reduces erosion[1]
  • Feeds beneficial soil microorganisms which improve soil health
  • Ideal for all tillage practices

Additionally, we can deliver and apply the litter fertilizer to your fields with our state-of-the-art spreading equipment. For more information about our poultry litter product and services, contact your local Farm Nutrients representative.

 [1] ISU Extension and Outreach (Manure as a Source of Crop Nutrients and Soil Amendment)