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Our Story

2003-2007: The Beginning

Farm Nutrients was founded in 2003 to provide nutrient management for the newly formed Rembrandt Enterprises. We began supplying the poultry litter by-product from the Rembrandt egg production facility to local corn and soybean growers in the Rembrandt, Iowa area. In 2004, Farm Nutrients acquired specialized spreading equipment and hired trained operators to provide growers with exceptional litter application.

2008-2010: Broadened Offerings

Farm Nutrients continued to keep looking toward the future, continuously seeking methods of improvement. In order to maintain steady growth, Farm Nutrients moved towards becoming a more complete supplier of full-service agronomy products and services. In 2008, Farm Nutrients began offering liquid 28% nitrogen and crop chemicals in addition to our poultry litter fertilizer. This proved successful, leading us to servicing 75,000 acres of soil nutrients based from poultry litter. In 2009, Rembrandt acquired an egg laying operation, doubling their size and the supply of poultry litter to Farm Nutrients. This acquisition opened doors to new marketing opportunities in north central Iowa and southwest Minnesota.

2011-2013: Growth

Farm Nutrients had developed a solid infrastructure of spreading and spraying equipment and highly qualified operators to provide great customer service and satisfaction. The experience we gained and customer relationships we built led us to an increasing customer base. In order to accommodate the increase in acreage, we were prompted to acquire poultry litter from other companies not affiliated with Rembrandt Enterprises. By the end of 2013, Farm Nutrients was excelling in technology-based precision application. We grew our offerings to grid-sampling operations for customers, truly developing an integrated approach to soil nutrition and nutrient application, as well as utilizing UAVs and aerial scouting to give farmers an overhead view of their crop.

2014-2015: Expansion

Farm Nutrients experienced unprecedented growth and extreme adversity during this time. Avian Influenza hit Rembrandt hard, causing a decline in litter product. However, we bounced back, partnering with other poultry litter producers and suppliers and offering seed corn and soybeans to the ever-expanding clientele. This high demand led us to expand to a larger location: a full-service agronomy center located in Rembrandt, Iowa. The agronomy center, completed in June 2015, is a state-of-the-art facility, complete with a seed warehouse, liquid nitrogen 30% storage and dispensing, anhydrous ammonia, and a variety of crop protection chemicals. Additionally, we offer 24-hour, self-serve cardtrol dispensary that allows customers to pick up bulk chemicals, hot-mixes, liquid nitrogen, and water when it fits their schedule. Our agronomy center is the flagship model for continued growth and customer service.

2016-Present: Dedication to the Future

Because Farm Nutrients is dedicated to giving our customers the best products and service, we entered into a seed distribution agreement with Legend Seeds in February of 2016. Farm Nutrients is the exclusive provider of Legend genetics in the state of Iowa, the largest regional seed provider in the upper Midwest. This partnership has led to the creation of a Farm Nutrients seed division, dedicating ourselves to recruiting and managing talented and effective seed professionals to grow Legend Seeds and Farm Nutrients. Additionally, our poultry litter business has continued to grow. We now service 300,000 acres throughout Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, and Colorado. [/two_third]