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Chicken Litter Fertilizer

There are many benefits to using poultry in your fertilizer program including:

Complete source of micronutrients
Nitrogen is mostly in organic form, providing late season N availability
Phosphorus and potassium are readily available
Excellent source of sulfur, calcium and magnesium
Builds organic matter, which increases nutrient holding capacity, improves water infiltration, and reduces erosion[1]
Feeds beneficial soil microorganisms which improve soil health
Ideal for all tillage practices


Matching the right hybrid or variety to your field is crucial. When you can’t afford to get it wrong, we’re here to ensure your success. We do this by offering you a full lineup of the best traited, conventional, and organic corn, silage, soybean, alfalfa, forage, and cover crop seed from the top seed companies in the upper midwest.

Now offering:
Integra Fortified Seed®
Legend Seeds®
Blue River Organics Seed