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Superior Grain Bins

At Superior, farm bin manufacturing is cut and dry. They use the highest-quality materials and the latest innovations to build the most durable, reliable bins available. Period.

Superior bins prove their strength and ability to protect crops from the harshest elements day after day, season after season, generation after generation. With farm bin capacities ranging from 1,850 to more than 62,000 bushels, they provide the freedom needed to hold crops for better returns.

They’re not just talking about structural integrity; they’re talking about people, too. Rural character and work ethic go into everything, from taking your order to installation to follow-up support. Superior is proud to stand behind their products and offer the best service you’ll ever experience.

Make sure your bins are the best. Make them Superior.


The Industry’s Best Warranty
From top to bottom, you can’t beat the Superior Grain Equipment warranty. They pride themselves on making the industry’s best bins and grain handling equipment. For more information on warranties, visit or call 866-822-9145.