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Soil Testing & Mapping

Farm MappingFarm Nutrients can quickly acquire soil samples on all of your farms. Our staff can sit down with you and discuss the best options for your farms regarding fertility and soil health. Farm Nutrients strives to get each farm to maximum production and profitability for their customers, not just sell products. If additional fertilizer or lime is called for that we cannot provide, we will provide the product rate maps for another service provider.

Know what your soil needs before you spend money on unnecessary inputs while at the same time making sure you don’t fall short on a nutrient and bring down your yield potential. Farm Nutrients offers complete tests including P, K, Mg, Ca, S, Zn, pH, bpH, OM, CEC, & base saturation. We recommend a 2.5 acre grid in order to have the most accurate pH adjustments. We can also complete the Haney Soil Health test, SCN tests, and plant tissue tests.

When it comes time to build your soil fertility and soil health quickly, talk to our sales team about what chicken litter can do as a fertilizer and soil amendment for your fields.

Soil testing