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Field Note: Redroot Pigweed

May 13, 2019 | Uncategorized

What is it? Redroot Pigweed is a member of the amaranth family similar to palmer amaranth or common waterhemp.

Control for redroot pigweed in fields going to corn, as this situation shows in the image, is relatively easy. Farm Nutrients recommends a full rate of a pre emergence herbicide, such as Keystone® LA NXT, followed by a full rate of a product containing an HPPD mode of action post such as Callisto® or Resicore®. At this stage, Redroot Pigweed can also be very well controlled by tillage.

Soybeans make control of redroot pigweed slightly more challenging. In a tillage situation, plants this size will be killed by the tillage pass. In a no till situation, we recommend a burn down product such as 2,4-D or FeXapan® in RR2 Xtend® soybeans. Post emerge treatments include FeXapan® in Xtend® trailed soybeans, glufosinate herbicide in LibertyLink® Soybeans, or an early post emerge treatment of a PPO herbicide such as Flexstar® in Roundup Ready® soybeans.

Be sure to treat early because amaranth species can become difficult to control the larger they get. Be sure to contact your Farm Nutrients Representative for a customized herbicide program for your fields today!



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