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Adapt-NProactive Prescription Nitrogen Program –¬†Powered by Adapt-N

Any successful crop begins with healthy, fertile soil. Farm Nutrients can provide you with the inputs to raise a strong crop year after year.

Farm Nutrients utilizes Adapt-N technology for corn production, some of the most advanced nitrogen recommendation software on the market. Adapt-N has many different features to provide you with the best information to make decisions. A few of these features include:

  • Nitrogen scenario and weather planning tool for current and prior seasons
  • Daily nitrogen recommendations alerts via text or email
  • Cloud-based data, allowing for ease of use in the field with smartphones or tablets
  • Growth stage indicator across all fields
  • Virtual pre-side dress soil nitrate test
  • Dashboards and zone-level interactive graphs

With this information, Farm Nutrients is able to variable rate apply liquid nitrogen to corn in-season, when crop uptake is at its peak.  The future of nitrogen application is now. We have the knowledge and ability to customize a nitrogen program to fit your needs.