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Nitrogen Management

Hagie SprayerNitrogen is essential to your crop’s success and we’re here to help; you plan for maximum profit potential by offering the proactive prescription program, Adapt-N. Adapt-N has many different features to provide you with the best information to make decisions. A few of these features include:

  • Nitrogen scenario and weather planning tool for current and prior seasons
  • Daily nitrogen recommendations alerts via text or email
  • Cloud-based data, allowing for ease of use in the field with smartphones or tablets
  • Growth stage indicator across all fields
  • Virtual pre-side dress soil nitrate test
  • Dashboards and zone-level interactive graphs

In addition to Chicken Litter as a nitrogen source, Farm Nutrients offers 32% Liquid Nitrogen and ThioSul liquid sulfur fertilizers in custom blends. These are available in many application options and through our on farm tank program we can deliver right to you. Ask your local Farm Nutrients representative about the option that best fits your operation today!