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Crop Protection

Farm Nutrients began in fertilizer and nutrient management, but always kept our eyes on the future. We knew we had an opportunity to expand our offerings by adding products and services tailored to fit the needs of each individual farmer.

In 2008, we began our journey towards a full agronomic service by adding crop protection products to our line of offerings, as well as the equipment and trained professionals to apply these chemicals.

Today, we maintain this part of our business, continuously upgrading our equipment and technology in order to uphold our customer satisfaction. We now offer Row-Sense technology on our John Deere sprayer and Row Guidance our high-clearance Hagie sprayer, reducing the amount of crop damaged by application. Additionally, our Hagie is equipped with a dual tank. This allows us to apply your fungicide with 360 UNDERCOVER® nozzles and liquid nitrogen with 360 Y-DROP® simultaneously, giving your crop a midseason nitrogen boost, reducing application damage, and giving you the potential for more profit per acre.

Contact your local Farm Nutrients representative to customize a program tailored to fit your needs.