Aerial Scouting

Farm Nutrients has embarked with aerial scouting as part of our company1. We are using state of the art aeronautical technology to help farmers in the following ways:
  • Rapid Crop Assessment
  • Wide-Area Coverage for Quick Crop Inspection
  • Levee and Irrigation Management
  • Insurance Claim Analysis
  • HD Picture Analysis in Google Earth
  • Multi-Spectral Imagery Analysis
  • Single User Operations
  • Area Search - Inches from Surface to 400 ft AGL
  • Pre-Programmed Field Analysis
  • Down-link to Operational Farm Machinery
Here is a picture of a aphid infested soybean plant leaf from above and below in infrared light.

The Future of Crop Scouting is with our Aerial Scouting Tool.

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1. Under current FAA regulations we are only able to fly the aircraft under a COA (Certificate of Authorization) for a specified area.
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