Soil Sampling, Testing, and Mapping

Soil Sampling is an important part of production agriculture. Knowing the most right amount of nutrients needed for optimum crop production not only increases your yields but also lowers your input costs. 

Farm Nutrients is proud to offer soil sampling and testing to all of our customers.  We utilize the best technology in obtaining the soil samples as well as creating recommendation that meet your needs. We are able to sample on 2.5, 5, and 10 acre grids. We can send these recommendations to any brand and type of monitor for seamless integration into your VRT program.

Here is a guide for soil sampling for variable rate fertilizer application.

 The latest ISU Nutrient and Limestone Recommendation Guide

Some examples of what we can do for you:

Soil Tests and Values

Lime Recommendation

Phosphorus Recommendation and Product Recommendation

Potassium Recommendation and Product Recommendation

Nitrogen Recommendation after Variable DAP Recommendation

Contact a Farm Nutrients representative today to set up your soil testing today!

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